Model Rating Description
KDE 118SS3 100kVA Silent Diesel Generator; auto start (380V; 144A per phase) 3 phase

Full specifications

Delivery and commissioning in Gauteng (input and output cables must be in place) Prices - VAT included
8 - 12kVA R4 300.00
13 – 80 kVA R5 700.00
100kVA – 500kVA R7 980.00

Extra weather proofing for Kipor range Prices - VAT included
< 20kVA R3 990.00
37 – 80kVA R7 000.00
100 – 500kVA R9 000.00

  • Ultra silent range - 1 year / 1 000 hours (whichever first).
  • Others - 6 months or 500 hours (whichever first).

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  • 90% on order & 10% on delivery.
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  • PDI, installation, rigging and transportation.
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Model KDE118SS3
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50
Rated output (kVA) 100kVA
Max. output  (kVA) 110
Rated voltage (V) 230/400
Rated current (A) 144.3
Rated speed (r/min) 1500
Pole No. 4
Loop mode Three-phase, four-line (Y-connection)
Excitation mode Brushless self-excitation and constant voltage(ARV)
Power factor(cosx) 0.8 (lag)
Insulation grade H
Engine model KD44114ZL
Enginetype 4-cylinder in-lined, four-stroke, supercharged and water cooled
BoreXstroke(mm) 144x125
Total displacement(L) 5.1
Comparison ratio 17.3:1
Rated power(kW) 95
Cooling water capacity(engine)(L) 9.2
Lubricated system Pressure splashed
Lube oil brand Above CD grade 15W-40
Lube oil capacity(L) 20
Starting system 24V Electric starter
Starting motor capacity(V-kW) 24V 5kW
Charging generator capacity(V-A) 28V 50A
Battery capacityXNo.(V-Ah) 12V 120Ah x 2
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel consumption(g/kW.h) <220
Panel type LCD panel
Output voltage(V) 400/230
Receptacle N/A
Connection pole Yes
Noise level(zero load-full load)[dB(A)/7m] 78
Structure type Sound attenuated canopy
Fuel tank capacity (L) 180
Running time(hr) 7.5 hours @ 100% load
Overall dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 2850x1150x1770
Dry weight(kg) 1780